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Teach Yourself Guitar Fast

Teach Yourself Guitar – The Basics If you are an enthusiast when it comes to the guitar and you have your heart set on that awesome guitar you saw last week, better start to teach yourself guitar. There are many ways you can learn to become a good guitarist but you have to start at […] Read more

Learning Electric Guitar – 4 Simple Steps

You have the choice to start learning acoustic guitar or the you can start learning electric guitar. It is not that very different but you would need to have extra equipment like the guitar amp. Here are some of the steps to help you get started. 1. Own your electric guitar. It would be easier […] Read more

Learning Guitar Chords

In order for you to be able to start learning guitar chords, you must have the basic knowledge on what is a chord and how can it be produced. Introduction A chord is a combination of tones which produce the melody when it is played on a guitar. The chords of a guitar consists of […] Read more

Learning Acoustic Guitar

Are you tired with the normal way of learning acoustic guitar? Are you suffering from blisters on your fingers because of the many hours you put into practicing the guitar but unable to play even a complete tune? If the answer is yes, then there must be something wrong with the way you play your […] Read more

Learning Electric Guitar Fast

Some say that electric guitars are difficult to play but if you know the right techniques, you can learn to play electric guitar in minutes. You have to prepare yourself for some lessons because you’re about to learn many new things. If you know a bit of the lessons that you’re about to encounter, you […] Read more

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