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5 Reasons Why Your Electric Guitar Can Sound Poor

Just About Every enthusiastic guitar player around who plays an electric guitar, has most likely at one time or another experienced poor sound quality from their instrument. Assuming that the amplifier and the lead are in ideal working order, the underlying problem can very often be caused by the guitar pickups. Listed here are five […] Read more

My 3 Best Custom Electric Guitar Upgrades

Should you be a keen owner of an electric guitar there will very possibly come a time when you just can’t help yourself and you will want to customise your axe. There is a desire among a lot of guitar players to get just about every slice of extra performance feasible out of their electric […] Read more

Which Acoustic Guitar Is Better To Learn On – Classical Or Steel Strung?

Many of us decide to take up playing the guitar and decide to go the route of the safer option of purchasing an acoustic design and not an electric solid body type. The only problem is usually a lack of true knowledge of the real difference between a classical/ Spanish guitar and a steel strung […] Read more
buying your guitar online

Teach Yourself Guitar – Buying Your Guitar Online

Teach Yourself Guitar – Considerations When Buying Your Guitar Online Another method of getting your guitar is by buying your guitar online. If you really do not like the ones available in the music store, you can always buy your guitar online. Nowadays, there are many reputable sites selling guitars. You can even find it […] Read more
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