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How To Play The Blues | Teach Yourself Guitar Now
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Taking The Time To Find The Most Effective Blues Guitar Instruction

When starting out to look for those ideal guitar lessons, most people would go to the all-powerful ‘G’, and ‘Google it’. Nowadays more searches for all kinds of things are carried out on Youtube’s video site, in fact it’s the second most used search engine after Google itself. Like Google, the number of items Read more

Learning Blues Guitar – Breaking Through To A Higher Level

Don’t get in a flap – it’s normal for your learning curve to become sluggish from time to time. Every musician, no matter what their style, knows the feeling. One day you see that you’ve practiced the same song for a long time, and you’re not improving. On top of that, you’re not trying to […] Read more

The Easiest Way To Learn Blues Guitar – Musical Notation Or Tablature?

During the sixties, Stephan Grossman and others invented a method of musical notation for guitar that was particular to those times. Most of the first blues musicians were dead and gone by this time, but a notable few were still around, such as Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Reverend Gary Davis. It […] Read more

Teach Yourself Blues – Choose Your Style

So You Want To Play The Blues. The First Step Is To Choose Your Style There can’t be many folks who hear a blues man perform a heart stopping riff on the guitar and not wish it that it were him playing that cool stuff. There is something incredibly cool about it that transcends the […] Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar – Do you need to buy $2k Guitar?

Do You Honestly Need To Buy A $2000 Guitar To Play Blues? By Jim Bruce It’s really commonplace for folks to think that the kind of acoustic guitar a performer uses to play blues music is really crucial to the sound. When I’ve performed well in public, or post a song on my Youtube Channel, […] Read more

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