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How To Play Blues Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now
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Learning Blues Guitar – Breaking Through To A Higher Level

Don’t get in a flap – it’s normal for your learning curve to become sluggish from time to time. Every musician, no matter what their style, knows the feeling. One day you see that you’ve practiced the same song for a long time, and you’re not improving. On top of that, you’re not trying to […] Read more

Ensuring A Great Blues Guitar Performance On Stage

It’s easy common to think that great blues men churn out a fantastic performance off the cuff, or just by chance, so to speak. Naturally, mostly this isn’t the case. Firstly, bear in mind that he or she is unconsciously drawing upon years of practical experience that is constantly adapting what you are hearing. A […] Read more

Strings To Use With An Acoustic Guitar

Many guitarists have a kind of a running battle with their strings, apart from the normal problems relating to keeping them in tune. The questions are rife for the new guitarist. It isn’t sufficient that we have to learn this complex stuff, but in addition, our finger ends are hurting and we aren’t even certain […] Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar – Choosing Great Guitar Lesson Videos

The Vital Features Of Great Guitar Lesson Videos An internet search for guitar lessons in video format can be a formidable experience, even more so for the fledgling guitarist with little experience. What are the most desirable features of the most effective packages available? As you might imagine, it’s quite easy to identify common Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar – Introduction To The V300

A Hidden Gem In The Small Bodied Guitar World – The V300 From Vintage Guitars With its solid spruce sound board and eco-conscious nato neck, the Vintage V300 acoustic folk guitar represents an ideal introduction to the world of full size instruments. Its basic no-frills sound and classic looks have much to offer guitarists of […] Read more
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