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The Quickest Way I Know To Play Blues Guitar

Appropriate for guitar beginners, you can begin simply by learning the technique of acoustic electric guitar riff, Learn how to play blues guitar and start sliding a finger from guitar fret to different location, guitar hammer ons, guitar riffs, learning how to change your own left hand method to all of the string bend positioning, […] Read more

Taking The Time To Find The Most Effective Blues Guitar Instruction

When starting out to look for those ideal guitar lessons, most people would go to the all-powerful ‘G’, and ‘Google it’. Nowadays more searches for all kinds of things are carried out on Youtube’s video site, in fact it’s the second most used search engine after Google itself. Like Google, the number of items Read more

The Use Of Guitar Tabs For Learning Acoustic Blues Guitar

The proper use of guitar tab is a great help in learning songs of all kinds on guitar, but particularly when finger picking acoustic blues guitar. Most pro musicians relate that it’s achievable to learn new songs much faster than when just learning by ear, and experimentation. Of course, it also depends on the tablature […] Read more

Learning Blues Guitar – Breaking Through To A Higher Level

Don’t get in a flap – it’s normal for your learning curve to become sluggish from time to time. Every musician, no matter what their style, knows the feeling. One day you see that you’ve practiced the same song for a long time, and you’re not improving. On top of that, you’re not trying to […] Read more

Ensuring A Great Blues Guitar Performance On Stage

It’s easy common to think that great blues men churn out a fantastic performance off the cuff, or just by chance, so to speak. Naturally, mostly this isn’t the case. Firstly, bear in mind that he or she is unconsciously drawing upon years of practical experience that is constantly adapting what you are hearing. A […] Read more

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