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Easy Guitar Lessons on an Acoustic Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Easy Guitar Lessons on Your Used Acoustic Guitar – 6 Easy Steps

Before you can follow the easy guitar lessons as mentioned below, you need to know what is an acoustic guitar. The most popular guitar with beginners is the acoustic guitar. It is a wooden instrument that’s shaped like the number eight. Right in the middle, you will be able to see a hole. Sometimes people have mistaken it as a classical guitar, The acoustic guitar is actually hollow and consists of six strings made of steel. When you strum the strings, it will produce the sound.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Here are some tips on how to play your acoustic guitar successfully.

1. Find a guitar and ensure that its an acoustic guitar.

It doesn’t matter if its used or new. If you can’t afford it yet, just borrow the guitar from your friend first. When you have enough funds, you can always buy your own acoustic guitar. The used acoustic guitar is just as good as a brand new one. At least you won’t need to worry about all the bumps and scratches that you might inflict upon it.

2. Use Google Search.

Look for a good website which can provide you with all the information about how to hold a guitar. There are many websites available which offers a great amount of resources and knowledge regarding guitars. Certain websites also provide free online easy guitar lessons which are quite detailed if you sign up for their short e-course or newsletter.

3. Decide who you would like to follow.

You need to have a good idea whom you would like to follow based on your preference and your friend’s recommedation. Some musicians play for the sake of popularity while some play for an artist’s sake. Choose someone who plays good music which you appreciate. John Mayer is one of the most popular artist in this category. Remember that your used acoustic guitar is suitable for various types of music and not just the mellow ones.

4. Try to memorize the physical parts of your guitar.
Understand every part and each function of those parts. Know how they produce such sounds and how it can turn out bad and not to your expectations. This is one of the most important things you should remember when handling and playing your used acoustic guitar.

5. Learning the basic chords first.

After that, learn the different ways to play those chords. The C chord has more than 6 different hand positions. This will make it more flexible on your hands when moving from one fret to another. If you have any trouble with it, you can go to the Internet and and search for online easy guitar lessons which teaches the various chords.

6. Play without looking at your fingers.

Try to play your used acoustic guitar by not looking at your fingers every once in a while. Ideally, you should try to memorize the chords. While you are listening to the radio or talking to someone, you can also practice the muscles of your fingers. This will help you to avoid looking at them while playing your acoustic guitar. This is a fantastic way to help you remember the various chords and to help your fingers to be familiar with the various frets.

If you follow the steps in the easy guitar lessons as mentioned above, you will be strumming your own tune very soon.

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