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Learning Acoustic Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Learning Acoustic Guitar

Are you tired with the normal way of learning acoustic guitar? Are you suffering from blisters on your fingers because of the many hours you put into practicing the guitar but unable to play even a complete tune? If the
answer is yes, then there must be something wrong with the way you play your guitar.

There are many ways of learning acoustic guitar. You have to get yourself an acoustic guitar , a pick and lots of patience. You will also need some instructional guide be it physical or online guide. Once you have done that, you can now start by following the steps as mentioned below.

1. Tune the guitar

You have to ensure that the guitar is properly tuned. You can’t expect to get nice tune from your guitar if it isn’t tuned properly. If you are not sure how to do it, then ask your family members or friends to help you out on this.

2. Get the instructional materials ready.

There are many resources to choose from. You could buy step by step guides/manuals, hire an instructor or go online to look for instructional videos. You could also enlist the help of family members, friends, neighbors or your relatives.

3. Find a comfortable spot / room

Find a nice and quiet comfortable spot in your house before you star learning acoustic guitar. This could be your bedroom or the family entertainment room. Of course it would be better and less tiring if you sat down and use your thighs to support the guitar. The left hand is used to hold the fretboard and the right hand is used for strumming.

4. Train your ears to listen

Listening is one of the most effective ways of learning. Some people are able to learn through listening instead of reading the chords. You should know better whether you are able to learn through listening. That is believed to be the easier method of learning acoustic guitar. You have to listen carefully to the melody and determine whether you’re getting the tunes right.

5. Memorize and practice guitar chords

The normally way of learning guitar is to learn the chords first. If you had problem with the previous method of learning by listening, then you have no choice but the learn and memorize the guitar chords. You can start with the basic chords first, especially the C,A,G,E,D chords. They are essential in learning acoustic guitar since they are found in most songs nowadays.

6. Practice until you get it right.

You have to keep practicing the basic chords first before you continue with the more complex chords. You should try to play without looking at your fingers. Try to play simple songs such as nursery rhymes first and pay attention to tune so that you can connect the chords to the tune. This will ensure that you do not play out of tune later.

It takes time and effort to learn something new. If you are determined to do it , it will not be difficult for you to start learning acoustic guitar.

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