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Teach Yourself Guitar – Buying Your Guitar Online | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Teach Yourself Guitar – Buying Your Guitar Online

Teach Yourself Guitar – Considerations When Buying Your Guitar Online

Another method of getting your guitar is by buying your guitar online. If you really do not like the ones available in the music store, you can always buy your guitar online. Nowadays, there are many reputable sites selling guitars. You can even find it on and You can also find used guitars on

Always check the reliability of the online shop before buying your guitar online from them. Try to ask around if any of your friends have ever bought from them and how was the buying experience and after sales support. Don’t even think of buying from the website if you can’t get any good recommendation for them.

buying your guitar online

buying your guitar online

If you are unsure about the background of the online shop, before buying your online guitar from them, go and check them out at Dealer Reviews archive. This site allows guitarists to submit ratings and descriptions of certain instrument retailers. You will find reviews of retailers such as Musician’s Friend and others there. The most current reviews of vendors are found on On this site you can enter the name of the vendor you are thinking of and do some research before buying your guitar online from them.

If you are buying your guitar online, the seller would have to ship the guitar to you. The people who handle your instrument will not always use care and sometimes instruments may arrive damaged. The damage could have been caused by incorrect packaging or rough handling. You may want to get your instrument packed professionally using a store like Mailbox if you are getting it shipped. When you use a service like Maibox, you can contact the store before the guitar is shipped and get a confirmation of the contents and give special packing instructions after buying your guitar online.

The most worrying part of buying your guitar online is that you will not get a chance to play / test the guitar before you buy it. Many people who have tested guitars in music stores before know that the quality varies a lot from guitar to guitar. Any product made from wood will have different degrees of quality. You may get a guitar that does not have the quality you want. If you are worried about this, it is comforting to know that most online retailers offer a return policy that will allow you to send back a guitar you don’t like after buying your guitar online . You can return the guitar between 24 and 48 hours after. Actually, by law, you have 30 days to return the guitar to them if you are not happy with it.

Once you have made up your mind and still want to take a chance and buy your guitar online, you will have to search for your perfect guitar. There are a number of sites that can help you find certain guitars. The Guitar Base Mall lets you search for certain guitars and provides contact information for the contact person of store that is selling the instrument. On this site, there are many guitars being sold by its owners so you may find more problems compared to buying your guitar online from a major online retailer.

There are many guitar retailers online. There are many that operate mainly as a music store in a certain location and may take mail orders through the web. There are also those music stores that are online only and do not have any physical stores. Most of the retailers are very experienced in selling guitars. You shouldn’t have any problems buying your guitar online from them and your order should be processed smoothly.

Top three online websites you can look at when buying your guitar online are 1-800-Insrtuments, 8th Street Music, and Costello’s Music. 1-800-Instruments combine a store and an e-zine that features review. It is based in Australia but has international shipping.

8th Street Music offers keyboards, pro-audio gear and other items for sale. This site features used and vintage guitars. The downside is that the selection is rather limited.

Costello’s Music doesn’t carry many guitars but they do offer other instruments too such as keyboards and drums. Unfortunately, they ship only within the United States.

There are other good sites to buy your guitar online such as Guitar Trader Online, Musician’s Friend,, and Zzounds. Guitar Trader Online offers a big selection of guitars and other equipment and shipping is instantly calculated when you place an order.

Musician’s Friend has an extremely large collection of guitars and guitar equipment. This site is one of the most popular music retailers on the internet. The site have many promotions and and weekly articles and helps you in your decision when buying your guitar online. is a large online music retailer and sells different instruments. There are many guitar brands for sale on the site at good prices.

Zzounds is another site with a large selection of guitar brands. This site has contests and free giveaways but unfortunately they don’t offer international shipping. You can only buy your guitar online if you stay near them.

You should check out all the sites that have been mentioned and compare their pricing and services offered before buying your guitar online.

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