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What Are The Best Guitar Pickups For My Stratocaster? | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

What Are The Best Guitar Pickups For My Stratocaster?

Let Me start by stating that there’s no ‘best’ as such as the greatness of anything will be the judgment of each individual. Playing style and musical preferences also come into it given that the best Stratocaster pickups for a blues guitar player will be different to that of a ‘metal shredder’. However, there are certain things to consider when evaluating what exactly is great pickup, or possibly when seeking to replace your guitar’s stock pickups.

Here are 4 points that will play a role in determining whether or not a particular make or model will tick all of your boxes. I am assuming that we are thinking about conventional single coil guitar pickups in contrast to a custom humbucker/single coil combination.

1. Would you like high output or regular output pickups? How much are you planning to push your amplifier as this will influence your decision? Check out the specifications given by the variety of makers particularly the DC specifications. Additional winds of wire around a pickup bobbin will result in a greater DC resistance number, which broadly equals greater output. As a rough guideline, a vintage Strat pickup would have a DC resistance of something like 6K Ohms.

2. Are you looking solely at performance or is it also a traditional look and build you desire? If a fantastic pickup for you is a very authentic pickup, browse the pickup’s specs and find out if the look, construction and materials utilised are adequate. You’ll obviously also want to listen to some sound samples.

3. Does a great pickup for you have to be hand-built? Some people dislike mass produced, conveyor belt pickups and swear that the love and attention employed by the smaller boutique makers wins every day. Naturally there will be fantastic mass produced products and superb hand-built models. The mass produced variants are slick and built within incredible tolerances. On the other hand the boutique guys are hand-winding and getting wonderful results. Worth comparing several comparable models from the different makers to help with making your mind up.

4. Use your ears, they can be incredible evaluation tools. You will be surprised what you would opt for if you were blind-folded as you’d be thinking about merely the sound rather than the hype, brand or product packaging. This isn’t a simple course of action as you will not likely have an opportunity to experiment with tons of products utilizing your particular guitar/amplifier combination. The next best thing is to listen to the audio files available on the good pickup websites. This may not be completely suitable but definitely will help out.

Make use of the tips previously mentioned that will help narrow down the field to ascertain exactly what the best Stratocaster pickup is for you. Without a doubt it will be totally different from your band mates as like I say – it’s really a personal thing.

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