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The Use Of Guitar Tabs For Learning Acoustic Blues Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

The Use Of Guitar Tabs For Learning Acoustic Blues Guitar

The proper use of guitar tab is a great help in learning songs of all kinds on guitar, but particularly when finger picking acoustic blues guitar. Most pro musicians relate that it’s achievable to learn new songs much faster than when just learning by ear, and experimentation. Of course, it also depends on the tablature quality, which means accuracy and also ease of use. For example, when we use guitar tabs to practice old blues guitar, then it would be nice if the tab were to accurately reflect exactly what the classic blues men were playing. Only too often this is just not the case, and is maybe the biggest complaint aimed at musicians marketing blues guitar lessons. It’s highly discouraging to carefully start to learn the tablature and recognize that the man teaching you isn’t even playing the music that the tablature shows. What’s worse, you suspect that maybe he can’t even play the music in the same way as the old classic blues men.

The second question of quality is about the tablature style. All picking patterns, no matter how complex they may seem, are fundamentally quite simple. Three events can occur when a guitar is picked – either the thumb strikes a string, a finger strikes a string or the thumb and a finger pick two strings in unison – that’s all! Naturally, it’s the way in which the guitarist does it that gives the music it’s form and flavor. Acoustic blues guitar picking patterns can be really basic, and also really effective in describing the blues, and very often the manner in which this is done is not apparent. Some guitar tablature methodologies employ a great number of additional symbols intended to help the student come to terms with precisely what’s going on. There may be symbols to represent slides, bends, vibrato, palm damping, timing, slaps, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and in small numbers these are usually helpful. Nevertheless, if you try to use tablature by itself to learn any form of guitar picking, you presently find yourself in trouble. It simply isn’t standardized music notation, but just a speedy method of demonstrating where the fingers should go.

Basically, all that is needed is the network representing the 6 guitar strings, the digits that denote the frets to focus on, and an upward or downward stroke indicating that the thumb or a finger is to be employed for the finger picking strike. All else is by and large not required. A lot of the delicate timings and effects used by the old blues guitarists cannot be transmitted with tablature alone. Find some dead-on tablature and listen to the classic blues music again and again, until you can live and breathe what they were trying too achieve.

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