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The best songs for summer ! | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

The best songs for summer !

There are awesome songs that can inspire you for your next summer holiday.

Musicians sung their heart out of their favorite destinations for decades, and these great songs over the years are a good source of inspiration for holiday ideas. These top tunes will help you pick your next holiday abroad.

Rio Duran Duran

Since Duran Duran captured their feelings about Rio de Janeiro, dancing on the sand has never been the same. The song was written as an ode to band’s experiences while on tour in Brazil in the 80s.

Viva Las Vegas Elvis

The King is very influential that any destination that he would recommend is well worth a visit. The best night life in the world can only be found here in the Sin City. Indeed, it’s Long Live Vegas.

Barcelona Freddie Mercury

This song is Freddie Mercurys most successful single and an excellent advertisement for Spain. He combined his own unique vocal talent with the superb voice of Montserrat Caballe. The Barcelona Olympics were commissioned by Freddie Mercury in 1992.

America Razorlight


Vienna Ultravox

The source for the title of this song was the 1948 film The Third Man, which is based around Vienna. The song Vienna combines a classic piano melody with 80s synthesizer backing at its very best.

New York New York Frank Sinatra

This absolute classic song bny Frank Sinatra has inspired untold holiday to America. People travel from all over the globe to the Big Apple to see the world famous Empire state building and the statue of liberty.

Stranger in Moscow Michael Jackson

This song is one of MJ’s slightly less well-known songs. It achieved critical success but in terms of record sales, it failed compared to his big hits like Billie Jean, Black or White and Thriller. During 90s when he toured Russia, this song taps Jackson’s loneliness.

Africa Toto

A massive hit in 1982, this is the best known song of Toto. Africa is a big place to explore when planning a holiday destination, but the Serengeti National Park mentioned in the song is in Tanzania, also perfect for a far-flung Safari.

Amarillo Tony Christie

Amarillo is a city in Texas with a 200,000 population. The place is unextraordinary and you have to find the way to be there. It is in between Albuquerque and Oklahoma on Interstate 40.

Down Under Men At Work

The lyrics of Men At Work have already pointed out that going on holiday down under Australia is a great experience. Make sure you have yourself a thunder, chunder and vegemite sandwiches in equal proportions. Australia is a marvellous country with one of the world’s friendliest populations.

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