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Play Easy Guitar Songs on Your Blues Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Play Easy Guitar Songs on Your Blues Guitar

When people think about learning to play the guitar, many do not realize how many different styles of guitar music there are. Every great guitarist was influenced by the musicians before him and those influences shaped his music choices, leading to even more new styles of music being developed. Electric guitar music can be very different from acoustic guitar music and within each category there are more variations including rock guitar, classical guitar, country guitar, and blues guitar music. Each style of music uses certain rhythms and chord types which differentiate that style from the others.

These differences are not only physical, relating to the appearance of the guitar, but each guitar is capable of achieving different sound effects and creating different tones. For example, acoustic guitar music generally requires the repeated strumming of a chord while the electric guitar is capable of sustaining notes and chords. However, blues guitar utilizes chord progressions, the most common of which is called the twelve bar blues because it contains twelve bars and three chords. Many easy guitar songs for blues guitar draw from this 12 bar progression and they are a good tool for beginners to use.

To play easy guitar songs for beginners in the blues style you do not even need to look at a sheet of music or guitar tabs. The chord progression of the twelve bar blues is as follows: 1, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, 1, 1, 5, 4, 1, 1 or 5. The twelve bar blues can be played in any key, all you have to do is pick one and that becomes “Chord 1″ for your progression. To find Chord 4 you simply count up four letter names in the musical alphabet beginning with the letter of Chord 1. For example, if you choose the key of C, C becomes Chord 1 and F becomes Chord 4. Chord 5 is simply one letter higher than Chord 4 so, to extend the previous example, Chord 5 would be G. Many easy guitar songs for blues guitar utilize this type of chord progression so, if you practice, you may soon find that you are able to play along with some of the great blues artists like B.B. King and T-Bone Walker. Do not think, however, that it will be quick or easy to join the ranks of these blues greats. Learning how to play the guitar can be a long process but with the proper time and dedication you can reach your goal. Do not give up when times get tough – push through to the end and even you may be surprised at what you are capable of doing.

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