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Teach Yourself Guitar – Church Guitar | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Teach Yourself Guitar – Church Guitar

Play Church Guitar

When you play, you pray twice!

This saying comes from a banner that hangs next to the band set-up at our church. It’s absolutely true. What you play and what you sing are your prayer as well as your witness. What you convey when you play church guitar says more about you than words could ever say.

Whether you are learning to play church guitar right now, or if you are adapting “secular” guitar playing to fit into sacred music, you are not very far away from performing the music you love. Many of the old Spirituals, such as “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”, as well as the hymns, such as “Amazing Grace” have very easy chord structures and the music is simple to play and/or sing. There is not a lot of adapting that needs to take place with these old and simple songs; if you have played Folk, Rhythm and Blues, or early Rock and Roll, you have played variations of these songs for years.

The biggest adaptation you need to put in place, if you are already a guitar player, is that a church guitar needs to be a little quieter. If you play electric guitar, you will want to put away the reverb and “heavier” settings for now. Church songs are played slower and quieter, in nearly every application. Happy songs still have a level of respect that the adapting musicians need to understand.

If you are joining an already formed group, you will easily be able to feel the group’s “groove”; what style of songs they like to play, their favorite songs, etc. If you are forming a group of church guitars for the first time, there needs to be some understanding of each other before you can start strumming. What, for example, is the level of emotion for this band? Some folks love to jump and shout for the Lord, others are more reserved. Who leads, and the style of leadership, is something that needs to be understood from the beginning.

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