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Making Your Cover Appear Unique: What You Must Know | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Making Your Cover Appear Unique: What You Must Know

By Byron Dyson

Being a musician and performer, the most important thing you’re able to do when you wish to cover one of your favorite songs is allow it to become your own personal unique version of the song. An excellent thing you’re able to do, for instance, if you’d like to do a Bjork cover is totally re-work the song and perform a fully unique version. You aren’t going to do the track justice if you just copy Bjork because she has a very special voice and style. Not a soul can be Bjork as good as Bjork can so the smartest thing you should do is be yourself. Use your one of a kind sound to make the song seem original.

If you are wishing to hear more about these types of techniques, you must definitely continue reading this short article. It’s going to certainly be advantageous for you to read over this so that you can have these details since we will go over a couple of ideas which you can use the very next time you’re playing or perhaps recording a cover song. If you are a musician, you’ll definitely find it to be a very good read.

Altering the instrumentation is one of the best things that you’re able to do when you are attempting to make a cover sound unique. For example, let’s consider you are attempting to do a “Hyperballad” cover since this is one of Bjork’s songs. “Hyperballad” is one of Bjork’s most well-known songs which means you will surely need to make it distinctive. The song originally has a great deal of drum and bass in the electronic arrangement. One thing you may do is do the song with just guitar and vocals or simply piano and vocals, for instance. The song will then sound classy and stripped down, which will make for a vibrant cover.

Another thing that you will want to make sure that you are doing is to keep the vocals, particularly the lyrics, essentially the same as the original. You want your cover to sound distinctive, but you also want individuals to identify what the song should be. The song is still identifiable if you maintain the same basic vocal melody and also lyrics. Even so, you must absolutely use your own vocal style and try to perhaps include different phrasing or even different dynamics.

Now that we have given you an example of how to correctly perform a Bjork cover or a “Hyperballad” cover specifically and still make it sound original, you should be able to take these basic principles and apply them to any musician. Whatever you are covering, you need to make sure that it’s a track that you really love. It’ll undoubtedly be obvious to the audience if you’re enthusiastic about the track. Also, be sure that whatever song you determine to cover, it’ll be something that is fun to you because music is all about having a great time.

If you need to see an example of a fantastic Hyperballad cover, look at these acoustic Bjork covers to learn more about the best way to play an excellent cover song.

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