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Low Budget Guitar

Many people have a preconceived notion that low budget guitars will not function properly, however this is not always the case. There are certain aspects which would surely change when it comes to the lower budget guitars, however we cannot say that the low budget guitars are bad.

Not everyone who wishes to play the guitar can afford to buy the high end versions of guitars. There are many people who just play the guitar as a hobby and do not require the extremely professional sound quality which comes with the expensive one. For such people it is advisable to buy the lower budget guitars.

I wouldn’t like to say that there is no difference in the lower budget and the higher budget guitars because that is not a fact. The high end guitars are surely superior to the lower budget. The problem is that people tend to exaggerate the differences between the expensive and the low budget guitars. The lower budget guitars are reasonably good guitars but they do have the extremely professional sound quality which is available in the expensive guitars.

Let us see some of the factors which determine the cost of the guitar and that would probably give us a more unbiased view of the correlation between the price and quality of it.

Firstly we need to know that guitars are manufactured in 2 ways. While most of the guitars are manufactured in factories, there are some high end versions which are manufactured by hand. If you walk into a showroom or search on the internet, you will see that all handmade versions would be exorbitantly priced while the factory manufactured ones would be comparatively cheaper.

The second point of difference between the expensive and the inexpensive guitars is the material used for making them. The expensive guitars are usually made by the use of rosewood, mahogany etc which are expensive types of wood whereas the lower budget guitars are made with plywood, which is a cheap type of wood as compared to rosewood.

Even the knobs which are used to tighten or loosen up the strings of a guitar come in various price ranges. Depending on the price of the guitar the quality of the knobs would also differ. Some people like to have very flashy looking knobs on their guitars and they pay an extra price to get those knobs. Since the option of getting those kinds of knobs is available mostly in the handmade guitars, that usually add up as an expense to the already expensive handmade guitar.

Overall if we go to see, the purchase of a low budget guitar is something most of the people do, since most of the people like to play the guitar as a hobby. Of course those who play the guitar professionally in concerts and music shows should surely buy the expensive handmade guitars for superior sound quality; however the amateur players need not invest in the high priced guitars. So whenever you go to buy a guitar always remember that “inexpensive” does not mean “bad”.

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