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Information To Help You Learn Guitar Chords | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Information To Help You Learn Guitar Chords

A collection of notes when played together it is noted as a chord. The maximum number of notes in a guitar chord is 6. To learn guitar chords it is  fundamental  that you have a general knowledge of music. You should also know the general  notation for the guitar. notation for the guitar is written for the right  hand or the treble clef.

An open note is the note played on a specific string without pressing on a fret. The open note of the  first string, or the thickest string of your guitar is E. When strummed while the first fret is pressed, the note is  F. G is the third fret on the first string.

Like above, all the strings on the guitar have an open note and a note for each fret. The order of open notes from top to  bottom or from the thickest string to the thinnest string is E, A, D, G, B, E. When various frets are pushed in different strings they give various notes. In order to play guitar notes, you will have to know all the notes of the fret board of the  guitar.

The frets are numbered as 1, 2, and 3 and so on starting at the end of the guitar neck and  proceeding towards the guitar body.

When you learn guitar chords you will discover that there are major, minor, and seventh chords. Each chord should be played  by placing certain fingers on the specific frets of the proper string.

When you learn guitar chords, the many primary chords to learn are A, C, G, and D. Since these chords are open, they are quite simple to  play. In an open chord at least one string is not pressed down by the finger.

For instance A major guitar chord takes place solely on the second fret. G major chord takes  place on the 2nd and 3rd frets. Similarly other major chords take place on many frets. These chords can be  found on the internet or any book on guitar chords. There are many website on  the Intenet with video demonstrations to help you learn guitar chords, so you can easily figure out the techniques used for playing.

It takes a lot of exercise to learn guitar chords. It might not be easy to play  songs at first since they contain many chords which want to be changed rapidly. To  overcome this try learning a few chords and changing between them slow at first and than with increasing  speed. Once you learn guitar chords you will be able to play numerous songs with comfort.

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