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Teach Yourself Guitar Strum Patterns | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Teach Yourself Guitar Strum Patterns

Guitar Strum Patterns – Up Down Right Or Left?

It’s always a cool thing to see or watch one of your favorite guitar players playing a really good lick or an incredible guitar solo. Not only it fits perfectly into the melody or chord progression, but they also make it look very easy and uncomplicated! Most of the energy goes into good moves and unnatural facial expressions. Numerous causes lead to this. Number one, they composed the solo. Seems totally obvious but when you compose something on your own it is usually easier to play, rather than learning somebody else’s material.

Second, they already have figured out appropriate co-ordination regarding the right and left hand. This allows them to shift their concentration on to other facets of their guitar playing, like tone, fluency and you guessed it… impressive rock moves!

This is done by a great deal of practice, but also by the indisputable fact that at some point the guitar player will likely have fully understood and figured out the best way to move and position his hands to make everything much easier to play. And you know what? Most likely when someone makes it appear simple, it typically is easier for them to perform.  Yet it is particularly discouraging while you’re trying to play that very same lick and you simply can’t work it out.

It is only normal to feel that during a guitar solo, the majority of the work is accomplished using the left hand. Consequently, one element that plenty of people struggle with in the beginning is the movement of the right hand. The thing is though, when you fully master the movement of the right hand you will not feel the need to look over to your right, to make sure everything is great. You’ll trust your right hand, this way you’ll be fully able to concentrate on your left hand making anything you play look and sound simple and easy.

So although it isn’t obvious, studying guitar strum patterns and therefore learning how to control, position and move your right hand could just be what you will need to be a rock star….aside from rock moves that is!

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