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5 Reasons Why Your Electric Guitar Can Sound Poor | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

5 Reasons Why Your Electric Guitar Can Sound Poor

Just About Every enthusiastic guitar player around who plays an electric guitar, has most likely at one time or another experienced poor sound quality from their instrument. Assuming that the amplifier and the lead are in ideal working order, the underlying problem can very often be caused by the guitar pickups.

Listed here are five common reasons why you may be suffering from poor quality of sound from your electric guitar:

1. Both humbuckers and single coil pickups have screw adjustments that allow them to be positioned nearer or further away from the guitar strings. If they are lowered too much and are consequently too far from the strings, low output can be the result. Lowering them produces a wider distance between the magnetic poles of the pickup and the vibrating strings that’s bound to create reduced output.

If however they are realigned too close to the strings, increased output would be the effect but be warned as a nasty side effect of this incorrect adjustment can be persistent tuning complications. This is due to the fact that the magnets are extremely near to the strings and the frequent extreme pulling action can play havoc with the tuning. With a little testing the best position which is not too near or to far away can be found.

2. Sometimes what you believe is poor sound coming from your guitar can merely be the fact that the pickups fitted on your particular instrument aren’t well suited for the kind of music you’re playing. As an illustration, if you are playing heavy metal and rock music, low wind, low output pickups would not be suitable. In the same way, high wind, higher output models would not be your best option for jazz. Be certain that you’re utilising the correct type for what you will be wanting to achieve.

3. Another reason for poor output from an electric guitar may be that the magnet or magnets inside the pickup have become de-magnetised after some time and therefore weakened. Any local guitar repair man could help you with this particular problem.

4. This is to some degree less apparent reason for a weakened and lightweight sound and it is that a pickup is wired out of phase. On a humbucker style this is often because the hot and cold coil cable connections are wired incorrectly or the magnetic polarity is the wrong way round. In some instances it can be that the coil is wound in the wrong direction. A number of people quite like the out of phase sound but in some situations the end result is substandard and would need a straightforward remedy.

5. The final reason that the sound originating from an electric guitar can be unfavorable is quite simply that the pickups are inexpensive and made from low quality components. This could be the case with budget versions where the electrics utilised on it, especially the pickups, are where a lot of the cost-cutting takes place. What this means is it is probably time for an aftermarket set to give your brand a welcome boost.

So there you have it. For anyone who is enduring frustrating results from your electric guitar and you know for sure that your amp and lead are in optimal working order, think about the 5 factors in this article as one of them could be the answer to your trouble.

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