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5 Differences Between A Les Paul And A Stratocaster Guitar? | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

5 Differences Between A Les Paul And A Stratocaster Guitar?

So here’s the scenario – you fancy treating yourself to your very first electric guitar or perhaps you would like to buy one for your son or daughter, but which type of electric guitar is advisable to go for?

The two most typical styles tend to be the single-cutaway Les Paul influenced model or the classic two horned Stratocaster model. There are not surprisingly other designs but these two are the most popular. So what’s the difference and which is the best starting point? Here are 5 things to help you with your choice. I am assuming that you are planning to purchase a less expensive copy of an original Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul which can be very costly as a very first guitar – perhaps an Epiphone, Squire or Tokai:

1. The two styles of electric guitars will sound distinctive because of the diverse elements utilised in their construction, specifically in the pickup area. The Les Paul type will have humbucker pickups whereas the Stratocaster design will have single coil designs. You may at times get Strats with humbuckers and Les Paul’s with P90 single coils but it’s not the norm, check with the shop if you’re not sure. The single coil guitar pickups will sound thinner with a slight ‘cluck’ to the sound. Mark Knopfler, Dave Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix and Hank Marvin have made this tone famous through the years. Jimmy Page, Slash, The Eagles, and Marc Bolan were Les Paul players and their sound was fuller. Both of these types may be used for all kinds of popular music but they’re completely different therefore it is an individual choice.

2. A Les Paul ( LP) style electric guitar is going to be heavier compared to the Strat, so if you intend to wear the guitar by using a strap for very long periods, this tends to become crucial.

3. Strats come with a tremolo arm or whammy bar for pitch bending whereas LP’s usually don’t (some will have a Bigsby whammy but rarely ).

4. The necks on an LP guitar feel completely different to those found on a Strat. This is partly due to the varying profiles as well as the fact that lots of Strats have maple necks and fret boards compared with mahogany and rosewood. This is once more a personal decision so test both equally to see.

5. Another factor is that some people prefer 3 per side tuners together with a steeper headstock angle as found on a LP, whereas the Strat has 6 on one side and no headstock angle.

One final issue is the fact that having invested in your Strat or Les Paul model budget electric guitar you would possibly over time feel the sound quality reflects the low financial outlay and desire a great deal more out of your axe. The easiest way to massively help the sound will be to dispose of those budget pickups and fit some hand wound substitutes. There are several excellent hand made pickups available to buy, some at a really affordable price. Check them out as soon as the time comes.

Best of luck.

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