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Learning Guitar Notes and Guitar Chords | Teach Yourself Guitar Now

Teach Yourself Guitar by Learning Guitar Notes & Guitar Chords

It is necessary for you to practice playing the guitar as often as you possibly can after learning guitar notes and chords. It is not that difficult to make sounds on the guitar but if you want to make beautiful sounds, the only way is to practice. Like someone always mentioned, practice makes perfect.

You can start learning guitar notes by plucking the last string which is the 6th string with your right hand if you are right handed. You will hear an E note. If you play a string without using the fret, you are playing the note “open”. Repeat with the other strings. As you move downward and play the strings “open”, you will hear the A, D, G, B, and E note. Each of them will sound higher than the previous one.

The go back to the 6th string and take your index finger of your left hand and place it on the first fret. The space between the nut and the first fret is the first fret . Then press down the note with the tip of your index finger instead of the joint. As you hold the index finger down on the initial fret, use your right hand with the pick and pluck the 6th string. If you did it correctly, the sound should be a little higher than the previous one which you pluck without pressing the fret. Learning guitar notes is a challenge and you just have to stick to it to get it right.

After that move the index finger of your left hand up to the second fret, the space between the second and first frets and try plucking the 6th string again. You should hear a higher sound than the previous one. Repeat all the steps as mentioned just now with every string. Play the string open, place your finger on the first fret, and then place your finger on the next fret. If you hear notes that are bad or funny, make sure that you are firmly pressing down on the note and that your finger is on the center of the fret. Practice as much as possible when you are learning guitar notes until you are comfortable playing each note.

Once you are familiar with playing notes, you can move on to learning guitar chords. A chord consists of two notes that are played simultaneously. Chords create a richer sound. Most chords are three notes that are played together. Some chords include more than three notes. Chords involved playing multiple strings together. This is “strumming”.

The most common chords are “Major” chords and these are the chords that beginners usually learn first. The major chords are C Major, A Major, G Major, E Major, and D Major. These chords are a combination of different sets of notes. When theses notes are played together, they create a sound that is unique. Many of your all-time favorite songs are played by using three or more chords. Once you have finished learning guitar chords, you can start playing your favorite tunes.

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