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Learning Electric Guitar – 4 Simple Steps

You have the choice to start learning acoustic guitar or the you can start learning electric guitar. It is not that very different but you would need to have extra equipment like the guitar amp. Here are some of the steps to help you get started.

1. Own your electric guitar.

It would be easier learning the electric guitar if you own one. It doesn’t matter if its a new one or a used one. This would depend on your affordability. You can start with a used one and then buy a new one when you have the money later.

learning electric guitar

electric guitar

You can buy it from your friend who intends to upgrade to a new guitar or from a shop selling used guitars. The important things is that you need to own one and not just borrow it. You will be able to speed up learning electric guitar if you have your very own electric guitar. The electric guitar is much easier to play compared to an acoustic guitar but you will also need to buy a a pick and an amp which will be discussed below.

The electric guitar has several knobs or switches and you need to know and learn about them. It is necessary that you know the basics when you start learning electric guitar. You need to know how to control the knobs and switches so that when you start playing the guitar, you will know how to use the right mix.

It is not easy learning electric guitar because it is not a simple instrument. You need to spend a huge part of your time to learn about it before you play it. You will need to know how to mix the tones and sounds together first.

2. Buy the pick and amps.

You also need to get an amp as mentioned just now. There are many types and sizes of guitar amps. You will need to find the appropriate guitar amp. Since you are just a beginner, you need to get an amp that you can use during practice sessions. It would be good if you buy the best quality amp if you can afford it. Make sure that you try it out before paying for it. Always test out the amps to the highest point before buying it if you can. In addition, remember to buy an amp that already has a distortion box because this is very important when playing an electric guitar.

guitar amp

guitar amp

3. Listen to songs and tracks.

There are many songs and guitar tracks which use electric guitars. You have to be familiar with it so that learning electric guitar will be a lot easier. If you are able to listen carefully to these guitar tracks and songs, you will learn fast. After listening to the sounds, try to reproduce it yourself and if you are successful, it means that you are learning fast.

There are many techniques, information, and tips that you can find online if you are determined enough to learn playing electric guitar fast. You can easily learn to play an electric guitar by knowing the 3 essential things as mentioned just now.

4. Choose the right method for yourself.

Now you can decide based on your personality and affordability whether you want to hire a professional guitar instructor, buy a step by step guitar guide, learn through DVD programs or other online guitar learning programs.

Always choose the method that will help you in learning electric guitar fast. If you have a positive attitude towards learning, you will be able to learn fast. When you are patient, determined, and motivated, you will be able to take on any challenges when learning electric guitar.

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