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Play Easy Guitar Songs After Learning Scales

In order for you to play easy guitar songs, you will need to learn how to play scales first. A “scale” is a group of notes that are played in succession in ascending or descending order. There are any types of scales. Each scale has unique characteristics , musical qualities, and note patterns. Scales help […] Read more
teach yourself guitar - purchasing your first guitar

Teach Yourself Guitar – Considerations Before Purchasing Your First Guitar

Teach Yourself Guitar – Purchasing Your First Guitar Once you have decided to teach yourself guitar, the next thing to decide is which type of guitar do you need before purchasing your first guitar. You may wonder which is a better and easier learning guitar, should it be an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? […] Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar by Learning Guitar Notes & Guitar Chords

It is necessary for you to practice playing the guitar as often as you possibly can after learning guitar notes and chords. It is not that difficult to make sounds on the guitar but if you want to make beautiful sounds, the only way is to practice. Like someone always mentioned, practice makes perfect. You […] Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar – Positioning Your Guitar

In order to play the guitar in comfort, first you need to learn the correct way of positioning your guitar. Find an armless chair that has good support for your back. Ensure that you sit comfortably with your back against the chair. Try not to slouch because this will lead to a sore back and […] Read more

Teach Yourself Guitar – Tuning Your Guitar

Before you start to use your guitar, you have to learn tuning your guitar. If you want your guitar to produce good and accurate sound, you have to be hardworking in tuning your guitar regularly. You will also enjoy your practice session better because of it. It may seem difficult initially but you will be […] Read more

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